Our History

After receiving notice that medical benefits were being discontinued for Ford Motor Company retirees age 65 and older and those on disability, Don Whitehouse, President of FAIR Alliance, knew something must be done.

In early 2007 Don moved into action. With a few salaried retiree contacts, Don began to facilitate discussions about Ford's move to eliminate medical benefits and what, if any, steps could be taken to persuade the company otherwise. It soon became evident Ford would not listen to the retirees input to reconsider their decision.

By January of 2008 the engaged group had grown to over 3,000 retirees and the decision was made to incorporate as a non-profit organization. The organization was named FAIR (Ford Actions Impacting Retirees) Alliance and is led by a Board of Directors made up of qualified retirees.

FAIR Alliance and its Board of Directors are committed to serving all salaried retirees by helping to prevent further elimination of our benefits. It is the desire of FAIR Alliance to work with Ford Motor Company in presenting our views and recommendations on all issues affecting retirees.

Our Mission Statement

The FAIR (Ford Actions Impacting Retirees) Alliance stands as a not for profit, non-political and non-discriminatory association of Ford Motor Company salaried retirees both present and future,  spouses and surviving spouses, dependent children and domestic partners committed to fostering and ensuring the rights, benefits, welfare, life style and security of company retirement. Our unification of individual and group loyalty, talent and conviction energizes a guiding beacon in promulgating and preserving just and equitable treatment of the diverse and dedicated segment of Ford's fixed income team most vulnerable to corporate practices, policies, procedures and profitability.

Our Goals

We believe that if Ford Motor Company is to move the company forward from its current financial status and profitability, they will need the full support of all present and former salaried employees. Our membership has very talented, educated, experienced and loyal retirees that have much to offer. We believe our membership can help the company reduce costs by offering their experience and expertise. All this can be done as "One" team that Ford has been promoting.

In exchange we would expect Ford to work with the retirees in protecting our existing benefits. This can be done in ways that will allow retirees to enjoy their retirement years without worry of losing more benefits and to stop the eroding value of their pensions due to a lack of cost of living adjustments.

Our Governing Documents:

Certificate of Incorporation

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